Why Is Preventive Termite Control Crucial?

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Today, termites have become the No1 pest, not just across Australia, but around the world as well. These tiny, silent creatures bore into the timber features on your property and damage it to a point where extensive repairs are required to fix it. These pests are extremely tiny and they don’t really come out into the open. This means, you may have massive termite colonies under your house structure and not even be aware of it; this is what makes the problem worse.


Once the termite infestation gets out of hand, it becomes very difficult for pest control professionals to effectively deal with the problem. Tackling a termite infestation can be difficult because the primary nest may be at some other spot on your/your neighbour’s property.


How a Termite Infestation Spreads


Termites tend to dig tunnels under the ground, in different directions from the centralised nest, and then build secondary nests in other locations. This means, when the pest control professionals are dealing with a termite issue, they have to identify the location of the secondary nests, eliminate the pests and ensure that they locate the primary nest and get rid of that too- which can prove to be challenging task. Multiple treatments are required to eliminate these creatures; and there is still no guarantee that they won’t show up on your property again.


About Preventive Pest Control


The one way to prevent them from infesting your property is to opt for preventive termite control services such as the ones that we at Forensic Pest Control provide. When you hire the services of a pest control company for the job, they will come over to your location at regular intervals and carry out thorough checks on your property. They have specialised termite detection equipment that they use to identify whether there is a termite infestation on your property. If they find evidence of these pests, they can quickly inform you about it and start the termite control treatment without delay.


Addressing the issue at this stage helps keep these pests under control. But this isn’t the end of the treatment. The technicians will come in at regular intervals to check whether there are any more termites on your property and will carry out the appropriate treatment. When this is done with regularity, it acts a preventive measure and keeps the termites at bay.


Signs that you have Termites on Your Property


Some property owners wonder whether this treatment is really necessary and feel that it may be an unnecessary expense. As mentioned earlier, since these pests are silent, the one way to tackle them is to attack them before they move into attack mode. Here are some signs of termite infestations you should be looking out for. Knowing what these are will help you call in pest control professionals on time and the problem can be dealt with, without delay:


  • Hollow-sounding timber features such as columns, beams & furniture
  • Wooden floorboards with powdery deposits on them
  • Mud tubes  on the walls
  • Jammed doors and windows


If you have noticed any of these signs, call us at Forensic Pest Control without delay. The number to call is- 1300 360 457. Alternatively, you can also use this online form to get in touch with us.

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