Why Integrated Pest Management is Crucial for Commercial Properties

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Why Integrated Pest Management is Crucial for Commercial Properties

Rodents are destructive in nature, and a rodent infestation can cause a lot of harm to different areas of your commercial property. They burrow themselves through walls, chew through furniture and paper and can also destroy electrical wiring. If you have a food business the rodents will chew through your products and damage them.

These pests can do a lot of damage if not dealt with on time, and fixing all these issues can be expensive as well as disrupt day to day activities on your commercial property. Having a pest infestation can also ruin a company’s reputation which can result in huge losses. The experts at Forensic Pest Control can deal with all types of pest infestations on commercial properties.

What is IPM?

To ensure that rodents or any other pests do not infest your property the best solution is to opt for our Integrated Pest Management Program. No matter the type of business you run, this program will prove beneficial for you. Here is a list of the things that are covered in the IPM program:

  • The inspection will be conducted to identify the source of the problem.
  • A cost-effective and a custom designed plan will be provided to you. It addresses every issue you might be facing.
  • Once the quote provided is approved, the program will be implemented.
  • None of the day-to-day activities will be disrupted on your property, and the job will be conducted in an extremely efficient manner.
  • All work will be carried out with discretion.
  • The methods used by our professionals will be completely safe and environmental-friendly.

At the end of each visit, you will receive a detailed report of all work that has been conducted on your premises. The report will include all treatments used. It will also include precautionary measures you can take for the future as well.  All health regulation standards will be met in the work according to state laws.

Certified Professionals For Commercial Pest Control

The HACCP requirements and additional rules set by the auditing bodies will be met as well.  We will provide you with copies of our certifications, licenses & insurances. This gives you the assurance that you are dealing with certified and credible professionals that will provide reliable, safe and time-tested commercial pest control services. We use the latest equipment and techniques in our work, ensuring that the tasks are completed to the highest standards.

We provide excellent pest control solutions to residential and commercial clients. Our focus is on ensuring that our clients get the best services at pricing that fits in perfectly into their budget. For more information about our expert pest control services, call Forensic Pest Control at 1300 360 457. This online form can be used to send queries and we will call back shortly. We are the pest control company of choice for big and small companies and businesses across the region.

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