When to get a termite inspection

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Unfortunately as termites live underground they can go totally undetected until it is too late and they can do massive damage to a house because they feed on wood. If you think you have a termite problem you need to book a termite inspection in Sydney today! Forensic Pest Control can perform a thorough termite inspection at a time suitable to you.

Termites are only tiny, but they have a huge mouth that can bite off quite large pieces of wood and they don’t care if it is your house, some furniture or a tree. Termites feed on mostly dead plant material and all termites eat cellulose because it is a good source of energy.  Cellulose is (of course) the basic building block of wood; this means termites can do a lot of damage to your home eating away at the lumber used for construction. A termite infestation can lead to property devaluation, your home being condemned or thousands of dollars spent on repairs.

If you want to keep termites away from your home you need to make termite inspections in Sydney a regular *event* and have your home checked for termites periodically. Most home owners opt to have a yearly termite inspection performed on their home by Forensic Pest Control, in general this is quite often enough, if however you are having problems, or have had problems in the past it’s better to have 2 termite inspections in Sydney a year.

While termite inspections around Sydney are not cheap if your home is under attack you need to have a termite inspection because if you don’t, the cost of repairs is going to increase – as more and more damage is inflicted on your home. To be on the safe side we recommend at least a yearly inspection.

The technicians at Forensic Pest Control are fully licensed and qualified, with years of experience, we come to you and get the job done quickly, all our chemicals are non toxic and environmentally friendly.

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