What’s Included in Comprehensive Ant Control Services?

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It’s not uncommon for residential and commercial property owners to find that their DIY ant control methods are ineffective in getting rid of these pests. Ants are very fast breeders and once they enter your property and find a suitable place to nest and breed in, they can build large colonies within a very short time.

We at Forensic Pest Control are the residential pest control and commercial pest control experts that provide customised ant control solutions to customers in and around Sydney. These services are effective, safe and offer the best long-term solution to eliminate ants from your property. We use non-toxic, registered and effective products. Our skilled and experienced technicians have the training to treat the most severe ant infestations safely and professionally.

We target the ant species that exist on your property and this helps ensure that all the surface, food and water sources are free from any ant infestations. Our expertise extends from helping residential customers avoid pest ants in their homes to assisting businesses maintain good hygiene levels as well as commercial integrity.

Detailed assessments and effective ant treatments

Our technicians will conduct a detailed outdoor and indoor assessment with the aim of uncovering all the areas that show evidence of nests and ant activity. We treat the entire garden perimeter, the sub-floors as well as the roof spaces and more. We meticulously spray a special barrier treatment in all the rooms, dusting the subfloor and roof. The fences, nature strip and garden beds will also be treated. In very severe cases, we also treat cavities and wall voids.

All the products we use in ant control and our other pest services are effective in eradicating ants and are environment-friendly. Most of the ants die when the spray comes in contact with their bodies and the rest of the population also perishes over the next couple of weeks.

Preventive ant control

If you live in a locality that has a high incidence of ant infestations, you may want to consider opting for our annual ant control packages. In fact, we recommend preventive pest control services to all our clients. This proactive approach is one of the best ways of ensuring that your property doesn’t get infested with pests. If our technicians notice any signs of pest activity when they visit to provide these treatments, they will make sure that you are informed about it and will also treat the problem before it gets out of control.

We adopt a holistic approach to our work and make sure that you are provided tips on how to prevent pests from entering and nesting on your property. We recognise that every property is different and its why we  provide customised solutions to our clients. For cost-effective, efficient and professional termite control solutions, contact us today. For more information call Forensic Pest Control at 300 360 457. This online form can be used to send queries and we will call back shortly.

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