What professional pest control can do for you

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Pests are unwanted. They can get into your food, sting you, bite you or just keep you up at night, and it doesn’t matter if you have a pest control issue in Sydney at your home or office calling in professional pest control from Forensic Pest Control is your only course of action. If you want a pest problem sorted you need the professionals – from dealing with rats and mice to spiders and termites Forensic Pest Control can help.

We come to you, on time every time and will inspect your home or office and surrounding property keeping an eye out for where the problems are – in cabinets and closets, floors, bench tops and if need be in crawl spaces looking for any signs of an infestation, the technician will then suggest an eradication plan that suits your needs. We use non toxic and environmentally friendly chemicals that are safe for you (your staff) family and pets. You may want a specific problem treated like bird control or you may want your whole house treated for ants, cockroaches, spiders and other pests.

Pest control treatment in Sydney these days it not like it use to be, where you had to vacate your home or office for a day or half a day while treatment was carried out – and having to take your pets with you. Today pest control in Sydney is simple and can be done while you are home, no need to pack the pets and family up for the day to let the pesticides do their job. Forensic Pest Control also offers rodent pest control among its services; we pride ourselves on the services we provide to those in the Inner West, Easter Suburbs, Northern Beaches and the Sydney CBD.

Forensic Pest Control offers a service free period so if any of your pests come back during this time – so do we. We are fully licensed and insured and are happy to show this documentation upon request.

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