What is an invasive termite inspection?

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There are at least 2 termite inspection tools that are less invasive – and less costly to carry out, it also won’t leave the home or building owner with a large repair bill – they are microwave and thermal inspections. When you need termite control in Sydney unfortunately if there is a termite infestation an invasive termite inspection may be necessary. Forensic Pest Control is able to help with all your termite control pest needs.

Invasive Termite Inspection

  • To determine if termite mudding is present a borer scope may be used. This is a piece of equipment that has either a camera or optical lens attached to a long cable that can be inserted into a hole in the wall to look inside. This requires holes to be drilled into the wall – usually between each stud in walls or areas that are *of interest*. A borer scope can be used to look into any cavity that a hole can be drilled into that will fit the lens through (usually approximately 14mm) – this includes ceilings, under or behind bathroom and kitchen cabinets and brick walls.
  • Trimming timbers may need to be removed to look for termite activity. This may include removal of door frames, skirting boards, architraves and picture rails; this will vary from home to home and will not reveal the true amount of termite damage.
  • Cutting through gyprock is the only way to reveal and measure the full amount of termite damage. This is usually performed with the help of moisture meters and thermal imaging to reduce the amount of damage to walls. The only way to see the full extent of the damage is to keep cutting until no more damage or mud packing can be found.

Forensic Pest control has all your termite control needs in Sydney covered.

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