Understanding more about Carpet Beetle Control

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If you have noticed large portions of your carpet being damaged, it’s likely you have a carpet beetle infestation. These creatures can attack a very wide range of materials and can feed on silk, felts, wool and cotton clothing as well. In fact, they also feed on animal and insect carcasses too. These infestations spread fast and cause a significant amount of damage; they leave behind live larvae and bristly caste skins. In some cases, flying and crawling adult beetles may be seen as well.

We at Forensic Pest Control  provide excellent carpet beetle control services to residential and commercial customers across Sydney and provide guarantees for our work as well.

Getting rid of Carpet Beetles

 All the furniture will first have to be moved, so that the spaces underneath can be carefully inspected.

  • It’s crucial that the carpets be vacuumed prior to the treatment as this helps remove the beetles in different lifecycles, which ensures more effective control. When you vacuum these spaces, it’s important that you discard the vacuum bag appropriately so as to no cause a new infestation.
  • The key to effective pest control is detailed inspections of all the affected and the adjacent areas.
  • Our experts will carry out the inspections thoroughly and make sure that all the less obvious spaces are checked as well. Since insulation materials can also become infested with carpet beetles and this makes it important to check the roofing voids as well, since spaces have a lot of insulation.
  • Once our experts have full-identified all the feeding areas, different insecticides will be used such as space sprays, dusts and surface sprays etc.
  • We use these chemicals very carefully to make sure they actually make contact with the insects.

Carpet beetle prevention

You can follow these simple DIY tips to reduce the likeliness of these pests:

Vacuum or clean all the rugs, soft furnishings, carpets as well as upholstered furniture regularly and thoroughly. When you are vacuuming, pay extra attention to all the edges of the carpets that are adjacent to or touching the skirting boards; clean all areas that have furniture on them. If you neglect these areas, the hair, dust, pet fur and dead skin cells tend to accumulate there, and these spots often become the sites of carpet  beetle infestations.

  • When you bring home cut flowers, check them and ensure they aren’t harbouring any carpet beetles.
  • Before you store clothes at the change of season, clean them thoroughly and store them in air-tight plastic bags.
  • Make sure that you eliminate all the birds and rodents from your property, as these insects are very commonly found on rat carcasses and in bird’s nests..

If and when you notice the incidence of a carpet beetle infestation on your property, don’t delay in calling in experts like the ones at Forensic Pest Control .We provide the best services at the most competitive rates. For any additional details, the number to call is -1300 360 457. This online form can be used to send across queries

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