Understanding How Spider Control Works

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There are many different species of spiders in Australia and its little surprise that people are nervous about them. Many of the main pest spiders in the country such as the White-tailed, Funnel-web and Redback spiders can have very nasty bite that can require medical attention. Some other spider species such as the Huntsman aren’t as dangerous but can be very scary too.

In our line of work, we at Forensic Pest Control  have seen that most people aren’t aware of what the different types of spiders look like and its best to ensure that your home is free of these pests in the first place. This is especially true if you have kids and pets in your home.

Signs you have a spider infestation on your property

It’s not difficult to spot the presence of web building spiders in and around your home. If you have noticed cobwebs in the indoor spaces of your property that is an indication you have Black house spiders in your house; if you have seen webs in your yard it indicates you have garden spiders on your property.

It can be quite difficult to spot a Redback spider infestation as their webs aren’t as obvious as some other spider species. These nets generally have some dead leaves and debris woven into them which makes it difficult to spot them. Sometimes, these spiders hide under rocks and boulders and build webs there or they may take refuge in hollow metal fencing too. It’s not very common to see an infestation of running spiders. The ones that most people find themselves dealing with are the web building ones.

Tips to control spiders

  • It’s a good idea to keep a crawling insect aerosol on hand; this can be used to get rid of the occasional unwanted spider you see in your home. Make sure you keep your distance while spraying the spider with this.
  • One of the best ways to eliminate web building spiders is to thoroughly spray their nests and webs with the insecticide. Wait for a couple of days after spraying before you brush down any of the webs. This helps ensure the spiders will have carried the lethal doses of the insecticide while crawling across the web.
  • You can also prevent the web building spiders from building their webs in the first place, by spraying the insecticide all around the vents, windows and doors as well as under the guttering and eaves. Since these spots are sheltered from the elements they become the ideal location for spiders to build their cobwebs.
  • It can be a little more challenging to prevent running spiders from entering your home. The one way to do it is to spray the insecticide as a preventative measure around the periphery of your home. This helps keep garden spiders away from the indoor areas of your property, in case they stray towards it.

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