Tips to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

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Ants are a very common pest found on residential and commercial properties and while they may not be as destructive as rats or termites, they do cause quite a nuisance and breed very fast as well. And so, if you have noticed an ant infestation on your property, you can try certain basic natural remedies to get rid of them. We at Forensic Pest Control suggest these tips:

  • Vinegar– Carefully wipe down all the cupboards and countertops and any other areas where you have noticed ants, using a 50-50 mix of water and vinegar. You can repeat this a few times a day to maintain the efficacy. This remedy is very effective because ants have an aversion to the smell of vinegar; aside from this, it eliminates the scent of the trails they leave for other ants to follow.
  • Baby powder/chalk– Simply draw lines in front of the areas where you have seen ants entering your property; that acts as a barrier they will not cross; you should refresh these lines with regularity to maintain their efficacy. While there isn’t too much clarity as to why this works, it’s believed that ants are repulsed by the calcium carbonate that the chalk contains and the lines interrupt the scent trails left behind by the ants.
  • Borax– Just mix equal quantities of borax with jelly/syrup/sugar. Place this mixture at a spot where you have noticed the ants and ensure it’s kept out of reach of children and pets. This remedy works because once the ants consume the mix, the ants’ outer skeletons and their digestive systems get damaged by the borax and results in death.
  • Herbs/Essential Oils/Spices– You can sprinkle some cayenne pepper, garlic, cloves, chilli pepper, mint or cinnamon in the places where you have seen ants walking around. Do the same along the periphery of the foundation. You can also place a few bay leaves in food containers, drawers and cabinets and this helps deter ants as well. Place cotton balls soaked in essential oils such as citrus, peppermint, cinnamon and eucalyptus in the problem areas. The strong odour that these oils and spices give off help repel the ants.
  • Coffee Grounds- You can sprinkle the used coffee ground around the outdoor areas of your property. Ants don’t like this odour and stay away from these areas.
  • Citrus peels/cucumber- You can leave some citrus/cucumber peels in the spots where you have noticed any ant activity. These natural products are toxic to some of the fungi that these insects feed on and ants tend to avoid these. You can also use cucumber/citrus variants of bathroom  cleaners if you  have noticed a lot of ants  in your bathroom or laundry areas


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