The The five most poisonous spiders

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The five most poisonous spiders

Did you know there are around 40,000 different species of spiders around the world? That’s an awful lot of spiders so how do you know which spiders are harmless and which ones are dangerous? Good spider control in Sydney is important to keep your home free from these 8 legged pests. At Forensic Pest Control we know how important it is to be informed so here are the 5 deadliest spiders in the world!

Brazilian Wandering Spider – this spider is also known as the Banana spider they come out of a night time and stay hidden during the day usually under stones and logs – or in their favourite hang-out – Banana Plants! These spiders only attack when provoked but their venom contains a neurotoxin that is the deadliest in the world. This spider produces 1.069mg of venom a day and to kill a human it needs inject only a fraction of that!

Six-Eyed Sand Spider – while the venom won’t kill you, it will make you wish it had. This incredibly painful bite will make you *leak* blood from every pore in your skin and kills skin tissue, there is no anti-venom and no one knows exactly how toxic their venom could be.

Brown Recluse Spider –  they love to stay buried in dark places under a pile of books or under furniture, they aren’t aggressive and will only attack when provoked and they won’t stop till they get you. A bite from a brown recluse spider can cause retinal failure, vomiting, fever and even death.

Funnel Web Spider – a bite from a funnel web spider can cause symptoms in less than 15 minutes including numbness of your mouth and lips, drooping eyelids, difficulty breathing and eventually coma.

Red-Back Spider – their venom contains a neurotoxin that can cause morbidity and even death.

While not all of these spiders are native to Australia it’s still good to give Forensic Pest Control a call and organise spider control in Sydney for your home.

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