The Most Effective Bird Control Methods

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Bird Control

Birds like pigeons may seem harmless, but these and many other birds tend to become a nuisance if they are permitted to roost and nest on your property.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for property owners to call us for Bird Control services. This is a highly specialised job and it’s important that you get experienced professionals to handle it for you. We use a variety of bird pest control methods which include:

  • Stainless Steel Spikes- When you have stainless steel spikes in place that prevents birds from sitting on those surfaces. Depending on the setting, we may use either adhesive glue or screws, and  it allows us to install  these on almost any surface such as beams, pipes, lights, signage, ledges and, security cameras etc. These stainless steel spikes are strong and hardy and are able to withstand climatic changes.
  • Stealth netting– This netting is named so because it’s almost imperceptible even to the human eye, after it has been installed. It’s available in a range of sizes and colours and the thin and strong polyethylene twine strands make the netting very strong. This netting can be placed over car parks, loading docks, roof tops and garages.
  • AVI Strand Wire – Many people feel that spikes and nets mar the appearance of the building. If that is a concern, you can easily opt to get AVI strand wire installed. This particular wire is hardly visible from the ground and doesn’t have a negative impact on the appearance of the building. We use very strong post support bases to secure this strand wire at spots where birds may settle down to roost.
  • Perimeter roof proofing– When the perimeter of the roof is proofed, pest birds as well as rodents will actually find it impossible to get into your building via the roof. This aluminium proofing is made of aluminium. The powder coating colour can be made to match the colour of the roof and it won’t burn or warp. In many ways, this is a very good protection against any pest birds, for all types of roofing. Not only does this deter the birds from alighting on the roof, but it also helps keep the gutters clean & free of any debris and dirt.
  • Electric shock track systems– These are also a very effective method of keeping many bird species away. These systems are available in a range of colours and you can choose the ones that complement the appearance of your building. This feature is made of stainless steel and PVC and doesn’t get harmed by the UV rays of the sun.

In addition to these methods, we also use pest bird traps in areas where the population of birds is very high. We at Forensic Pest Control are one of the most reputed companies in the field and have the experience and the resources to tackle all types of pest control jobs, in the most expert manner. You can request a quote via this form or send us your queries via this online form. We are the termite treatments experts and handle all other types of pest control jobs as well.


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