The Importance of Timely Ant Control in Your Home

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The Importance of Timely Ant Control in Your Home

It’s true that ants are very tiny creatures and that they seem quite harmless. But the fact is anyone that has dealt with an ant infestation in their home knows exactly how troublesome and annoying these pests can be. Once and have started to breed on your property, it can become very difficult to control their population and eliminate them completely.  We at Forensic Pest Control are a company with years of experience in this industry.

Not only do we provide excellent ant control Sydney solutions, but also offer preventive pest control treatments. It helps to ensure that these pests not enter your property and infest various areas of your house. When there are large number of ants on your property, you will notice mounds of dirt which is a result of their digging.

These mounds show up on balconies, window frames, on garden paths or around skirting boards in your home. In fact, if there are very large ant colonies in the outdoor spaces of your home, you will notice that they also cause cracks along concrete paths. In addition to this, they present a health risk to your family as well. The often carry bacteria such as salmonella etc.

Types of ants

There are different types of ant species that can infest your home such as:

  • Black House Ant
  • Argentine Ant
  • Bulldog Ants
  • Garden Ant
  • Sugar Ant

While many people do try DIY ant control methods, these prove to be ineffective. This happens because different types of insecticides are required to treat different species. The products on supermarket shelves do not target these specific types of ants. However, when you hire the services of experts like us, we carry ou the treatment only after a detailed assessment.

Our experts would first visit your property and inspect all the indoor and outdoor areas of your home. Basis this assessment they will decide which pesticides will be the most effective in getting rid of the ants on your property. While we provide excellent solutions, you will find that our services are extremely affordable as well.

In addition to standard ant control solutions we also provide preventive pest control services. As part of these services our team will visit your property at specific intervals and carry out preventive treatment.

Some Steps You Can Take

We have the ability to provide excellent ant control solutions and can get rid of even the most severe infestations very efficiently. However, we always recommend to our clients that they should follow certain preventive measures of their own such as:

  • Ensure that the indoor spaces are free of liquid spills and food crumbs
  • Do not keep pet food lying around open in various areas of the house.
  • Wash all the food utensils and dishes after use and do not keep them lying around in the sink for extensive periods of time.
  • Make sure that the outdoor spaces on your property are free from left-over party food, dog food, bird food etc.

For more information about our expert pest control services, call Forensic Pest Control at 1300 360 457. This online form can be used to send queries and we will call back shortly.

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