The Importance of Rat Control

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The Importance of Rat Control

Rats are some of the most dangerous and destructive pests anyone can have to deal with on their property. Not only do they cause a significant amount of damage to various features in your home but are also extremely harmful to human health. Take a look at how…

Problems Caused By Rats

If you have a rat infestation on your property, some of the things you need to be worried about include:

  • Infections and diseases– Rats carry a wide range of infections and diseases such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Leptospirosis, Murine, Typhus, and Eosinophilic Meningitis. These can be easily transmitted by a rat faeces and can spread through different ways such as inhalation of fumes or direct skin contact.

Eosinophilic Meningitis is a severe brain infection that is caused by rat worms. The bacterial disease, leptospirosis, harms humans as well as animals that come into contact with rodent faeces. These are just some of the dangerous diseases that that’s rats carry.

  • Rat Bites– This is something you definitely need to be concerned about. Not only can this affect human beings, but it is a danger to pets as well. The Streptobacillus moniliformis bacteria can be transmitted via a rat bite. Rat bite fever symptoms surface within a week after being bitten. However in some cases, the symptoms may show up only after three weeks. People suffering from this may display symptoms such as arthritis-like pain and swelling. If the person isn’t treated on time they can develop various complications such as bronchopneumonia.
  • Fleas- Many people wonder how fleas and rats are connected. Fleas can spread Bubonic Plague and if the infected person doesn’t receive timely treatment, he or she can succumb in about four days. This disease is mainly transmitted via rats and their fleas. So aside from worried about getting rid of rats and their droppings, you also need to worry about the fleas they carry.

Preventive Pest Control Solutions

As you can see, a rat infestation can prove to be very dangerous in a number of different ways. This is exactly why it makes a lot of sense to opt for preventive pest control services. As a leading company in this industry we provide customised solutions to all our clients. We will conduct a survey of your property to identify whether there are any existing or potential pest problems.

These would be treated before they get out of control and we will also set certain preventive measures in place to ensure that there is no pest infestation. We provide guarantees for our work, and every single project will be completed to industry standards. You can rest assured that safe pest control products would be used in the work and that the infestation would be eradicated from your property.

For more information about our expert pest control services, call Forensic Pest Control at 1300 360 457. This online form can be used to send queries and we will call back shortly.

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