The Importance of Pest Control Inspections

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If pest control is a problem you have been compelled to think about, it’s likely that you have a pest infestation in your home or commercial property. The fact is that pests can be quite a nuisance. Not only do they cause havoc on your property, but defile areas and damage various features of your home too. Some pests are disease-carriers and can be hazardous to the heath of your family members or employees (in case of a commercial property).

The one way to prevent these problems is to get regular building pest control inspections done. This is more of a preventive measure that helps identify the presence of pests on your property. It also helps the experts at Forensic Pest Control provide treatment solutions that help tackle pest problems if they are identified at that stage. When  these are dealt with early, its easier to get rid of the infestation on time.

We offer pest inspection solutions to commercial and residential clients and custom design the services to suit the size of the space and the settings that have to be inspected. Regardless of whether you have an ant infestation that seems harmless or are dealing with a severe rodent infestation, we have the solutions for you. Our expert team of technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your house or commercial structure and take the required steps to ensure the pests are eliminated from your property.

Pre-purchase pest inspections

We also offer excellent pre-purchase pest inspection solutions. If you are considering purchasing either a decades old colonial house or a relatively new one, it’s in your best interests to get a pest inspection done, before signing on the dotted line. While minor infestations such as spiders and ants may not pose a big problem, termites, wood borer and rodent infestations is something you should definitely be concerned about.

Older properties in Sydney are renovated and have a spanking new look, but it’s likely that the spruced-up exteriors hide serious pest infestation problems. Sometimes, even new houses can have a number of problems. A home represents a significant investment and you need to ensure you are entering into it with your eyes open. Termites can cause extensive damage to wooden features in a structure, which can be very troublesome and costly to fix as well.

Various pest inspection checks

Our team works methodically and checks for various things like:

  • Evidence of termites
  • Borer & wood decay
  • Broken roof frames
  • Rotten or termite infested boundary fences
  • Damaged kitchen cupboards
  • Tree root damage
  • Sticking doors
  • Rotten window frames
  • Bouncy/sagging wooden floors
  • Flooding, damp and moisture issues
  • Poor external drainage
  • Defective guttering
  • Fire hazards
  • Wood rot
  • Illegal structures/renovations
  • Collapsing balconies or staircases

These thorough inspections help identify the presence of termites and other pests on your property. For cost-effective, efficient and professional pest inspection solutions, contact us today. For more information about our expert pest control services, call Forensic Pest Control at 1300 360 457. This online form can be used to send queries and we will call back shortly.

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