The Harm that Carpet Beetles Can Cause

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Carpet beetles are one of the commonest pests found in Australian homes. These creatures are very tiny (around 4 to 6mm in size), which makes it very difficult to detect them and removing them from your home can be quite a tricky task as well. Just eradicating them from one part of the house won’t be effective as the carpet beetles that lie hidden in other parts of the house are very likely to re-infest the cleaned spaces.

What do carpet beetles feed on?

As their name suggests, carpet beetles live largely in carpets; but you can also find them in upholstery and rugs, feeding on the organic material that’s present in various fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk and fur. What many people aren’t aware of is that these creatures are very likely to also feed on food crumbs lying around on the pantry and kitchen floor.

They are easily attracted to various starchy foods such as cereal, pasta, flour, grains and seed. If a space is unclean, carpet beetles will also feed on animal fur and droppings. One of the most common signs of a carpet beetle infestation is that you will see flying or crawling beetles in your home.

Carpet beetles- the damage they cause and risks they pose

These pests are potentially destructive to your home furnishings, and so it’s a good idea to be aware of the signs of carpet beetles. Take a look at why these creatures are so harmful:

  • The most dangerous life-cycle of carpet beetles is the larval stage. These larvae feed on various organic materials that are found in home furnishings and they may continue doing so for a year or more, based on natural conditions in your home.
  • Aside from destroying your furnishings, these pests may also pose health risks to the members of your family. While feeding on food droppings, rugs, carpets, upholstery, as well as other organic substances, they also shed hair that has the potential to cause allergic reactions in certain individuals.
  • In some instances, they could also cause dangerous diseases like anthrax.

Clean carpets deters carpet beetles

Because of the various dangers and risks that carpet beetles pose, it’s crucial that they be removed from your home without delay. And it’s important to be thorough if you want the carpet beetle problem to be removed completely from your home; or else these creatures will continue to reproduce and grow their populations. The very first thing to do is to get your carpet cleaned thoroughly ensuring that there are no remnants of moisture in the carpet fibres.

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