The fun facts about spiders

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A lot of people hate spiders and spider control in Sydney is important at Forensic Pest Control we know that and we understand that spiders are not everyone’s favourite creatures – especially if they start invading your home.  No one likes pests hanging around their home, but today at Forensic Pest Control we thought we’d share some fun and interesting facts about spiders.

  • Spiders have simple eyes that are not very well developed, so instead of relying on their eyes spiders use the sense of vibration which they can sense on their webs. Those tiny little bristles that cover a spider’s body are actually tactile receptors that are sensitive to airflow, touch and vibrations.
  • The word SPIDER comes from the old English verb *spinnan* which means – to spin. When spinning a web spiders use tiny claws at the base of each leg to walk on their webs without sticking to them.
  • The hard exoskeleton of a spider helps it stay moist and not dry out, they are arthropods their skeletal system of their body is actually the outermost layer. The bristles of a spider are a part of their skeleton and aren’t actually hair.
  • The tarantula actually isn’t poisonous – their bite can be painful but it is no more dangerous than a bee sting.
  • A *daddy-long-legs* isn’t actually a spider – though it does look like one.
  • A spider actually digests its food outside its body. When a spider catches its prey it releases digestive enzymes from their intestinal tract and covers the prey. When the enzymes break down the preys body the spider sucks the liquid out of its prey
  • Not all spiders spin webs, some use their silk to protect their eggs in silken eggs sacks with the trap door spider it uses it’s silk to make a lid for its burrow.

Spider control in Sydney is serious, but Forensic Pest Control wants to leave you with a smile…

  • When spiders were feed flies who had been injected with caffeine they spun very nervous webs. When spiders were given a sedative, they fell asleep before finishing their web, and when spiders ate flies injected with LSD they spun webs with very wild and abstract patterns.

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