The facts about Ants (part 2)

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Last time the team at Forensic Pest Control looked at Ants – what risks they pose and any signs you might have of an infestation that needs professional help from the pest control in Sydney team at Forensic Pest Control. Today we look at what can be done to control ants in and around your home or business.

  • Keep any trees and shrubs around your home and business trimmed and don’t let branches touch your building, any overhanging branches should be cut back. *Bridges* such as these allow ants to enter your home or business easily
  • Reduce the food source in your home or business, clean up any spills straight away, and don’t leave un-eaten or unwanted food out. Seal up your rubbish bags and keep food stored in air tight containers, at home, don’t leave pet food around for long periods of time.

To ensure you stay on top of any ant problem you need the services of your number one pest control technicians in Sydney from Forensic Pest Control. Only pest control technicians in Sydney have the years of experience, they know where to look for ant problems; they know how to deal with your ant control issues.

  • Pest control technicians from Forensic Pest Control know the type of environment around your home that ants love
  • They have the right equipment to gain access to areas where ants live
  • They know how to protect your home or office from ants and how to treat them

When a professional pest control technician from Forensic Pest Control visits your home or office they will inspect the area to identify the type or species of ant that is causing you trouble. They will advise you on ways to help minimise the problem returning. Using non-toxic and environmentally friendly treatments the technician will deal with the problem accordingly.

The very best way to deal with any ant problem in and around your home or office is through teamwork – you and your pest management technician working hand in hand.

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