The facts about Ants (Part 1)

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The facts about Ants These tiny pests can be quite a problem in and around your home, especially IN your home. There is nothing worse than lifting the lid on your sugar jar to find the contents covered in ants. Ants are actually in the same *family* of insects that includes wasps and bees, and these much organised insects can have colonies comprised of thousands of ants. For the home or business owner it can be hard to know which species of ant is giving you a problem – each species has different socialising habits and food preferences, it is only through professional pest control in Sydney from Forensic Pest Control that you can solve the problem.


Firstly you need to be aware of the risks ant problems can cause –

  • Diseases – ants can carry disease organisms such as smallpox, dysentery and Salmonella
  • Some species of ants can have a very nasty bite with some species having a bite that can cause an anaphylactic reaction just like the sting of a wasp or bee.
  • Ants can be a nuisance and can actually spoil products and if their numbers increase some species can get into appliances and make your life a real misery
  • Depending on the species of ant the pest controller in Sydney is dealing with ants can set up nests inside wall cavities, in the roof or even inside electrical equipment
  • While good for the ant, but bad for us ant colonies are very adaptable and can come back again even when you think you have dealt with the problem
  • For businesses ant problems can be a pain as you need to provide a healthy and safe work environment for your staff and customers.

What to look for

  • Well, it’s not hard to SEE ants when they are active thanks to their trails along windows, over bench tops etc
  • A lot of ant species actually live outdoors in colonies with nests built below ground level you’ll see piles of soil near the entrances to their nests.

Next time the team at Forensic Pest Control will look at ways of dealing with an ant problem.

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