The Best Ways to Deter Ants from Infesting Your Home

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The Best Ways to Deter Ants from Infesting Your Home

Ants typically find a way into your house looking for food. They are commonly found in kitchen cupboards and are attracted to sweet and sticky foods. It is important to not leave any of these items in their path. If you feel you’re your house might suffer from an ant infestation it is crucial to take measures like placing ant repellents etc.

If you continue to suffer from ant problems it is best to hire residential pest control experts to deal with this issue. They will take care of this problem with the most effective ant control methods. A few additional ways to keep your home safe from an ant infestation are:

  1. Clean Spilled Liquids and Scattered Food Crumbs Without Delay

Even the smallest food particles can attract an army of ants to your home. They are mainly attracted to sweet foods like sugar granules, crumbs from biscuits or cakes. To ensure this doesn’t happen sweep any food particles lying around in your kitchen. It only takes a few crumbs for ants to infest the place.

  1. Use Airtight Containers For Food Storage

Store food in airtight containers and put them away in refrigerators or cupboards. If stored openly, ants will have no problems with storming in and causing an infestation. Bowls containing fermenting fruits should be cleaned regularly.

  1. Don’t Leave Pet Food Lying Around

If you own a pet it is important to clean out their leftovers immediately. Pet food is also another source that attracts ants into your house. Clean out the bowl after use as well and don’t leave any pet food lying around different areas of your house.

  1. Seal Potential Entry Points Into Your Home

Block off all entry points that ants can use to gain access into your house. Seal off all cracks in windows frames and doors. You can apply silicone or acrylic seals wherever necessary. In addition, also check for leaks. Ants will figure out one way or another to enster your house for food.

  1. Seal Garbage Bins Properly

Make sure that all garbage bins in your garden are have sealed lids. Ants can easily detect any leftovers in your bins and will start to live and breed around that area.

Our pest control experts know everything about ant deterrents. They are aware of the habits of different types of ants and will come up with the most effective pest control solutions for your house. The experts can easily remove any ant infestations from around your house as well. All our treatment solutions are safe for people and pets. We provide customised and cost-effective services based on your specific requirements.

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