The Best Way to Rid Your Home of Fleas

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Most people don’t realise that flea infestations are a very common occurrence. As a matter of fact, anyone who has pets in their homes, knows exactly how much they are concerned about this problem.  That’s the reason they check their dog’s/cat’s fur on a regular basis for signs of fleas.  What many people find even more surprising to learn is that even homes that don’t have pets, can suffer a flea infestation.

For instance, you may not have a pet, but if you’ve moved into a home that used to have pets, there are chances that the space may have fleas. Apart from pets, animals including rats, rabbits, mice and foxes also carry fleas. These tiny creatures are essentially parasites and though they are small, they do bite; while there may be no pain, they do leave behind a rash and an itch. The reason why many people aren’t aware they have fleas in their home is because these creatures are so tiny and not easily noticeable.

Indications that you have a flea infestation

When it comes to flea infestations (just like any other), the one way to make the pest control more effective is to tackle the problem before it gets out of hand. That also means you have to be able to notice signs that the infestation exists in the first place. Here are some of the common signs:

  • Fleas crawling on your pet’s fur
  • These pests generally live around the hind-quarter and neck areas of pets. If you want to check whether they have fleas, these are the spots you should be checking
  • You might notice fine black droppings on your pet’s skin – their faeces looks like a sprinkling of black pepper powder
  • Flea dirt may be present on beddings, carpets and rugs as well

Call flea control Sydney experts

Flea infestations can spread very rapidly. A female flea can easily produce up to 4 eggs post every feed; and this means, it doesn’t take very long for a flea infestation to spread and get of control.  Some simple things you can do to keep your home clear of fleas even as you wait or residential pest control  professionals are:

  • Vacuum clean the carpets, floorboards, upholstered furniture and bedding. This ensures the adult fleas, larvae and eggs are removed
  • Empty out your vacuum cleaner bag a distance away from your home; there is a distinct possibility that the fleas in the bag may be alive
  • Groom your pets on a regular basis, and ensure that their beds are washed properly each week
  • Make sure that you regularly groom your pets & then wash their beds properly each week.

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