The Best Way to Keep Termites Away From Your Home

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Once pests as destructive as termites infest your home, it becomes extremely difficult for you to get rid of them yourself.  If the infestation is widespread, even pest control professionals have a tough time getting rid of these creatures. The best way to avoid all these problems is to prevent the termites from entering your property in the first place. Before we discuss how that can be done, let’s understand a little more about these creatures:

There are different types of termites

  • Dampwood termites– These typically infest damaged and moist wood structures; they are also found in the wild. They are attracted to the light and they generally swarm during mid-summer up until late fall
  • Subterranean termites– These are found across Australia. They live in the soil and generally infest timber wood structures or foundations that have wood in them. Since these creatures prefer to live in moisture-ridden places, they live there and then build tubes leading to the wood from their nesting spots.
  • Drywood termites– These live in coastal areas where the climate is warm. They are able to easily feed on dry wood and you can find their nests even in undamaged timber features such as poles, posts, logs and lumber. It means they are able to survive in urban areas and then transition from building materials that exist on a property, into homes or buildings and then start new colonies there.

Things to do

Regardless of the species of termites that exist in the area you live in, there are certain things that can be done to keep these termites out; this helps keep the damage they cause, at minimal levels. It’s important to focus on eliminating their chances of finding shelter, food and moisture, that they need to survive:

  • All structural wood on your property should be a minimum of 6 inches above the ground level as this helps reduce access to subterranean termites.
  • Don’t use any wood mulch; even when you use other mulch, spread it very sparsely and don’t let it be in contact with any timber elements.
  • Keep the spaces around your home free  of old wood such as stumps and dead trees
  • Keep the downspouts and gutters free of moisture and organic materials.
  • Slope the soil away from your home’s foundation.
  • Ensure that all the faucets and plumbing installations in your home are well maintained so there is no water leakage.
  • If you have any firewood on your property, you should store it far away from your home structure.
  • Make sure that you install plants and trees at least 3 feet away from your home. Regularly trim back all the branches and limbs so they don’t come in contact with the exterior walls of your home.
  • Get regular termite inspections done on your property.
  • If you are adding any extension to your house structure, make sure you install metal sheeting between the ground and the support structure of the new addition.
  • Ensure that all the crawl spaces are ventilated well.

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