The best Way To Keep Ants Out Of Your Home

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Although defenceless and minute, ants definitely need to be controlled & eliminated when your business establishment or home has ant infestations. These colonies generally consist of the queen ant that reproduces and builds the entire colony. The common worker ants scour for food to support the queen ant and the offspring.

These pests are tiny but crafty and enjoy moving in hoards. It’s rare to see an ant alone and you will generally see them trailing behind each other in single line. You may believe that killing a few ants will solve the problem. While store-bought insecticides provide short-term results, these pests are very clever. They leave behind their hormones (pheromones) that provide other ants a clear idea about where they should travel.

This means ants can easily spread over a vast area in a fairly short amount of time. Even when you break up the pack of ants, they eventually find their way back to safety and their nest. Since they are so small, they hide in crevices and deep in the recesses of your property, making it difficult to eliminate the nest and the entire colony of ants. We at Forensic Pest Control can help you get rid of even the most severe ant infestations on your residential or commercial property.

Some ants can cause harm

Certain species of ants cause a lot of harm to humans if they sting the individual. However, common household black ants are attracted to odours that come from food items, rotting plant matter, and food or even insects and other animals. These ants don’t really do any harm to humans. But they do contaminate surfaces and food that we touch and eat. Should you leave food out on any open surfaces that aren’t cleaned regularly, harmful bacteria may get transmitted to humans, resulting in various health problems.

Preventing ants in your house

It’s important to maintain cleanliness inside and outside your house. Although ants are small and seem vulnerable, they can easily infiltrate your home from various holes and crevices in the structure. This makes it important to seal your business or home thoroughly and make sure that you don’t leave any plant matter, food or rubbish lying around. Fix plumbing leaks as ants are attracted to moist and damp spaces and make sure there are no odours on your property. These simple steps will dissuade ants from building nests and breeding on your property.

Call professionals for ant control

It’s best to call in professionals like us for ant control. We use effective, yet environment-friendly insecticides in our work and provide guarantees as well. In addition to ant infestations, we also provide pest control treatments for cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, termites, wasps, bees and more.

For cost-effective, efficient and professional rodent control solutions, contact us today. For more information call Forensic Pest Control at 1300 360 457. This online form can be used to send queries and we will call back shortly.

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