The Best Way to Control Silverfish

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Silverfish are tiny serpentine insects that prefer to live in the kind of humid and damp conditions that are found in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms or any other isolated & darks spaces. Here is some information from the experts at Forensic Pest Control , which can help you keep your home free of these pests. 


Silverfish feed on any items that contain:

  • Starch
  • Sugar
  • Cellulose

You will generally find them in homes or commercial properties in common items such as carpets, wallpaper, fabrics, paintings, books, sugar, coffee, biscuits, flour, pasta and a number of other food remnants as well. These creatures breed at a steady pace and while it may seem like they are very elusive, there are certain ways in which you can control silverfish:

  • Sticky traps: Make a smooth paste of flour, boric acid and water. Coat some index cards with this paste; leave it to dry, and then use them as sticky traps.
  • Bait: Sprinkle some boric acid/ diatomaceous earth on & around crackers, and use that as bait. Ensure that you keep this out of reach of kids and pets.
  • Crevice sprays: Add a few tablespoons of boric acid in a litre of water. Pour this into any spray bottle and spray the solution into all the cracks and crevices you can see in bathroom, kitchen and laundry areas. If you prefer, you can also spread the powder directly in these spots. This is the best way to ensure the treatment gets into the spaces where you want it to be; it also helps reduce your exposure to these chemicals.

The areas to target are:

  • Insulation
  • Boxes & file cabinets
  • Cabinet tops
  • Baseboards
  • Light fixtures
  • Behind appliances
  • Behind electrical outlets
  • Behind siding & within the walls
  • Holes where water pipe plumbing enters walls

Other Steps to Take:

  • Another good way to keep silverfish at bay is to ensure your property is dust and debris-free.
  • Make it a point to regularly vacuum the less-disturbed areas in your home.
  • Store all food items in air-tight containers
  • Leaky pipes, humidity, damp basements, and water condensation provide a very attractive environment for silverfish. You can install dehumidifiers, improve ventilation and fix all the leaks in the pipework; this will deter the silverfish from living and breeding there.

Call the Professionals

While it’s true that these pests don’t bite or spread diseases, they do damage your belongings, defile the environment in your home and are quite creepy too. The best way to eliminate them is to track where they are breeding and then treat those spaces. However, there are times when you are unable to track the source and the best option is to call for our Pest Control Services. 

We have the expertise to provide you with excellent silverfish control solutions and ensure that your property is free of these pests. For any more information about our silverfish control solutions, call us at Forensic Pest Control without delay. We provide the best services at the most competitive rates. For any additional details, the number to call is -1300 360 457. This online form  can be used to send across queries

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