The Best Methods of Rodent Control

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Rats and mice can be extremely destructive and they are disease carriers too. These pests infest commercial and residential properties and once they find food and shelter in any location, they will nest in that place and never think of leaving. These creatures breed at a very fast pace and before you know it, you will have a very large population of rats or mice to deal with.

Rodents are extremely destructive- they gnaw at furniture, clothing and books and will eat just about any foods they find in your kitchen and pantry. They leave their droppings in different areas of the house and can contaminate pet foods too. In some instances, these rats can also chew through wiring insulation- which poses a risk of electrical shock or fire as well.

Places where rats and mice live

These pests like to live in quiet and dark corners of your home and so they are more likely to be found in attic and basement areas. The one way to mitigate this problem is to be wary and don’t ignore a pest problem when you notice the first signs of it. It’s very common for property owners to either not notice or ignore signs of a rat or mice infestation. They may not realise they have rats on their property when they see some gnaw marks on furniture etc. But it’s important to be aware of these signs and if you notice any type of damage to the features and things we just mentioned above, you should call us at Forensic Pest Control .

We are one of the leading operators in the pest control space in Sydney and provide excellent customised pest control solutions to commercial as well as residential customers. We understand that every property is different and that every pest problem is different as well. It’s why we are extremely detailed in our assessment of the pest situation; we use the latest techniques and tools to identify where the pests are hiding and where they have built their nests.

Integrated pest control solutions

We then provide an integrated pest management solution that helps treat, control and prevent the incidence of these pests on your property. We use environment-friendly pest control solutions in our work and you will find that we maintain very reasonable pricing as well- which provides you value for money.

Our excellent Rodent control solutions are best suited for retail and industrial or warehouse settings as well. If you have large stocks of food products on your property, rats can contaminate the food by gnawing through the packaging. Not only will this result in financial losses, but will impact your reputation as well. It’s never a good idea to defer rodent control.

If and when you notice the incidence of any mice or rats on your property, don’t delay in calling in experts like the ones at Forensic Pest Control .We provide the best services at the most competitive rates. For any additional details, the number to call is -1300 360 457. This online form can be used to send across queries

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