The Basics of Preventing a Termite Infestation

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Many property owners have had to deal with pest infestations at some time or the other and have paid a very heavy price to get termite damage repaired. These silent creatures are extremely destructive and since they are tiny and reclusive in nature, most people don’t even know that these pests exist on their property.

While these pests do cause extensive damage to the wooden features in your home or commercial property, most of the damage isn’t very evident till the time it gets aggravated. Termites also have a very unique way of building colonies. Their primary nest may be built in one corner of your garden or yard (under the garden), or on the neighbouring property. The termites then dig out tunnels in various directions and build secondary nests in other locations.

Prevent termite infestations

As mentioned earlier, a layperson may not always be able to spot termite damage easily and this may only come to light when you are getting some other pest control in Sydney done on your property. The best way to avoid all the trouble and expense is to opt for preventive Termite control from a company like Forensic Pest Control:

  • You can opt for an annual preventive termite control program. As part of this package, the professionals will come over to your location at pre-decided intervals.
  • They will use technologically advanced termite detection equipment and check all the indoor and outdoor areas of your property for signs of termites.
  • In case they do notice any termite activity in any part of your home, yard or garden, you will be informed about it and they will use preventive methods.

Getting rid of termites once the infestation has spread isn’t an easy job. It’s best to opt for these services and ensure that the pests don’t infest your property in the first place.

Tips to keep termites away from your property

While the termite control personnel will do their job, it’s also a good idea to know which preventive methods you can use to keep these pests at bay. The things you can do to deter a termite infestation from erupting on your property are:

  • The structural timber used in the construction of your home should be a minimum of 6 inches above the ground. This is a very effective way to prevent termite from entering your home.
  • All dead trees, old and drying wood should be removed from your gardens and yards
  • Avoid using wooden mulch as this attracts termite. If you use it, ensure that it isn’t spread anywhere near the periphery of your home
  • If you are storing any firewood in your yard, ensure its not stacked close to any building structures
  • The soil on your property should be graded to slope away from your house’s foundation

Get termite inspections done on a regular basis from termite control in Sydney experts like us. Forensic Pest Control provides custom termite prevention services. For any additional details, the number to call is -1300 360 457. This online form  can be used to send across queries.

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