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TermitesIt’s a very rare thing to actually see termites above ground, but occasionally they can be spotted moving from one house to another over the ground as termites can actually travel up to 50 meters from their nesting ground.

In general termites always travel underground and you certainly don’t see them above ground or entering someone’s home. It is one of the reasons good termite control in Sydney is extremely important. Termites travel in tunnels under the soil searching for both a food and water source. Sometimes you will find a mud looking tunnel on the side of the wall of a house, posts supporting your house or on fences – timber, concrete or metal. Termites use these tunnels to protect themselves when they leave the safety of their underground tunnels. Without these tunnels above ground termites are vulnerable to attack.

The biggest enemy of the termite is the common house ant. If ants can gain access to the working tunnels of termites, they will simply walk off with the termites and eat them for dinner. The mud tunnels are the termites defense and if breached they will abandon the whole area to ensure the safety of the colony. The loss of as few hundred termites is nothing when you consider a colony can have up to 2 million termites.

It is for this reason it is extremely important to contact Forensic Pest Control for professional termite control in Sydney if you find termites. It is important the termites are treated with a registered product that has been designed to travel with the termites to spread back into the nest to eliminate it completely. By simply spraying the termites all you will do is kill a few hundred but the remaining termites will cut off the area to protect the colony.

Good termite control in Sydney from Forensic Pest Control is carried out where termites are commonly found – around fences, retaining walls, dead tree stumps, mature trees and garden edging. Termites have also been found in cardboard boxes, crates, furniture etc. The only way to reduce the risk is by calling in the professionals for a termite inspection.

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