Termites can be a headache

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If you live in a termite area you know what a problem they can be you could be vacuuming your floor, lift up the carpet and find termite holes in your wooden flooring! Termites actually do have a place in the ecosystem – their place isn’t in your home! They can do a lot of damage and the key to preventing termite damage is to have good termite inspections Sydney and a pest management strategy in place.

Pest management is important and having a termite control plan in place can save you money – and property loss – later on. Termites live by the thousands in well organised colonies – each with their own set *jobs* some forage for food to feed the colony while others store food, there are termites that defend the colony and those that are there for breeding or for maintenance. The King and Queen of the colony are there purely for reproductive purposes with the whole colony surviving on *swarm intelligence* where they can detect safety or danger.

Termite inspections Sydney carried out by Forensic Pest Control is important, if you can detect the termite infestation before it has gone too far you can stop the damage long before it becomes a danger. Termites eat mostly plant fibre and cellulose based materials – damp wood is their favourite, as long as termites find something with moisture in it – water is an attraction!

If you have any termite damage it important you organise a professional termite inspection as soon as possible. Make repairs to your home only AFTER the termites have all been eliminated to save you a lot of trouble and effort. Structural damage can be hard to repair and if near wires and utilities it can be hard work, this is because wood or other non-wood components are attached to the damaged wood which can make it difficult to replace.

If you are in doubt call a professional to make the repairs or you might end up damaging your property more than the termites did.

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