Facts about Alexandria Termites 

Alexandria Termites are very destructive creatures- they are also known as white ants.  They attack any wooden structures and cause extensive damage- they also target concrete, brick and steel buildings – you can find them in residential as well as commercial structures.  Today, these pests  have become the biggest menace  across homes  in Australia  and since the damage  is not  covered  by insurance, it  becomes  very important for any property owner  to tackle the  problem  before the property gets  completely damaged.  The centralised nests that they build have tunnels that extend to other areas- in this manner; they spread far and wide which makes it extremely difficult to get rid of the infestation on time.

Signs of Termites 

In most instances, property owners notice muddy deposits on walls and then call Forensic Pest Control to treat any termites Alexandria.  The other signs that you should look out for are hollow-sounding wood structures. These pests live in dark & dingy spaces and crevices in the walls. They build a centralised nest with long extending radii and then build sub-nests in different spots.  Alexandria termites breed at a very fast pace and before you know it, you will find signs of them in several parts of the house or office building.  These muddy, tubular deposits show up on wall surfaces and are an indication that there are termites on your property.

Why Choose our Services?

It is crucial that you opt for Mosman pest control that will help in getting rid of the infestation within the shortest possible time. We are the preferred company because:

  • High-technology equipment used
  • Services are aligned to  existing AHD regulations
  • Environment-friendly  products
  • Professional & Courteous personnel
  • Industry-trained personnel
  • Cost-effective services
  • No hidden charges
  • Guaranteed services
  • Certified & insured  termite specialists
  • Clean work process
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Timely Treatment is Important 

When you call us, our technicians will come to your location, identify where the infestation has spread and treat the area with special environment-friendly pesticides. We also ensure that there is least disruption to the workings in your home and that your entire property is clear of termites.  These pests also attack outdoor wooden features like decks, pergolas as well as patios. Do not wait till these pests wreck havoc on your property. Opt for Termite Control in Mosman on time. We have the expertise and the experience to handle all types of termite control within efficiently and professionally.

Call in the Experts 

Our follow-up services ensure that these termites will not return. If you have noticed any signs of a termite infestation on your property, call Forensic Pest Control immediately. We provide customised solutions and make sure that the pests are eliminated quickly and efficiently. Tell us what your requirement is and we will draw out perfect solutions that will take care of the issue effectively. For more information about termite control in Mosman, call us on 1300 360 457 or contact us through this online form.