Termite Damage

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Anyone living in Australia knows how devastating a termite infestation can be and if left uncontrolled they can cause major damage to a home or building that can leave it uninhabitable. While major termite damage can take years you need termite control Sydney and you need to pay attention to what is going on inside your home the team at Forensic Pest Control can inspect your building for termite damage and take the necessary steps to stop this damage before it becomes a huge issue.

Without termite control Sydney termites can damage the wood to a degree where the integrity of the wood actually becomes compromised. This means the wood is weakened which can cause it to crumble away. Termites also eat door frames, window sills and so much more. While termites are less than 1 centimetre long the effect of their damage can be both expensive and major.

If you are a home owner you need to know if you have or are at risk of having a termite problem and if you don’t take steps you may find you have a termite problem that’s out of control before you know it. Take a look around your home, especially near the foundations where the soil meets the base of your home, termites can get through the smallest openings so look for any cracks in the foundation and if you have any – fill them to stop termites getting in.

Another problem with termites is they can get into spaces where it is hard for you to see the damage – such as in the crawl spaces of your house. This can be hard for regular/every day people to detect and this is why you need termite control Sydney and a professional who can inspect your home, this will give you peace of mind. A licensed professional will be able to show you the obvious signs of damage and be able to give you advice to help correct the problem. You can stop termite damage but only if you act as soon as possible.


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