Why is Newtown Termite Control Essential?

Termites in Newton are very destructive pests and a number of homes across Australia have been impacted by a termite infestation at some time or the other. They bore through wood, live in dark & dank places and are also extremely difficult to spot. Thus they can cause extensive damage even before you actually spot/discover them in your home.  They can infect all types of timber structures and ones made of steel & concrete.  Generally, this infestation is not contained in one area of a home as they spread across the property- they build a centralised nest at one location while the termites may be in different places in your home.

Things to Look out For 

Termites are very aggressive in the manner they breed and spread. They find the wood on outdoor features like patios, pergolas and decks, attack these spots and then transition in to the main house structure. They get the perfect environment to breed in and the right food to eat. They breed at a very rapid pace and will cause extensive damage within a very short time. Our Newtown Termite Control becomes very effective if you call us when this infestation hasn’t become too severe and this makes early identification very important.  The signs of termites are:

  • Hollow sounding wooden features like columns, beams and furniture
  • Floorboards with powdery deposits around them
  • Muddy deposits on walls
  • Jammed windows & doors

If you have noticed any of these signs, call Newtown Termite Control immediately. Our experts will come over to your locations, use highly advanced detection equipment and identify where the termites are breeding. These spots will then be treated without delay and if the infestation is severe, follow-up treatments may be required too.

Timely Treatment is Important

If you notice any termites in or around your home, call us without delay and we will send out our experts to your location.  We have the experience, materials & resources to provide our customers with expert termite control.  These white ants or Termites can be difficult to locate. But we use highly-specialised equipment to detect these nests. Our skilled & trained technicians will identify all the problem areas and complete the treatment to your satisfaction.

Eliminating the Pests

The kind of treatment we utilize for Newtown termite control will be based on where the pests are located and how severe the infestation is. Follow up treatments will be carried out as required. We are very particular about providing high levels of services and you will find our technicians to be highly skilled and professional in their approach to every job. We provide quality services at very reasonable costs and all our work is covered by a guarantee too. We adopt a highly-focused approach to all our work and when you hire us, you know that you are hiring well-established experts. For high-quality and reliable termite control in Newtown, contact call Forensic Pest Control on 1300 360 457 or via this online form.