Effective Eastern Suburbs Termites Control

If you have found termite infestation in your home or office, it is crucial to deal with it without any delay. Termites can be extremely ferocious & spread very quickly. A novice will not be able to deal with the problem effectively and the sprays that are available for termite control in the market are not effective in the long-term.

This makes it important for you to call in professionals for termites control in the Eastern Suburbs. Forensic Pest Control has been providing the best quality services for controlling Termites in the Eastern Suburbs. We know exactly how to locate their breeding spots and ensure that they are exterminated in the last possible time and in the most efficient manner.

Expensive Repairs

We have been consistently providing expert services for the last 10 years and have served residential and commercial customers across the region. We tackle termite control for new construction as well as existing structures. Termite infestations tend to spread extremely fast & they can also cause extensive damage to all types of wooden structures, flooring & furniture.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

It is also important to note that insurance companies don’t cover this damage & you have to pay for all these repairs yourself which can prove to be very expensive. Apart from damage that is caused to all the wooden structural elements and the furniture and termites also weaken the foundation since they come up from the soil. Do not wait till the problem goes out of control- contact us for termites control without delay.

Termite Infestation- the Signs

  • A number of winged insects emerge from wall plaster, window architraves/ door frame crevices. These are termite queens that are leaving the nest to breed in another location. This means that there are colonies in your structure too
  • Wooden furniture, columns, flooring, beams and staircases are damaged & you will also notice a number of termite trails on a wooden surfaces
  • Termites attack boxes and storage material that has cellulose in it
  • If you notice mud/dirt in between the skirtings/door jambs, it is an indication of a termite infestation & it’s time to call for Termite Control.

Termites live in large colonies & they also breed and move very quickly. This makes it important for you to call us to handle the issue without any delay.

Why choose us?

  • Environment-friendly & non-hazardous treatments used
  • 100%  guaranteed termite treatment
  • Expert and professional services
  • Timber floor specialists
  • No disruption of your daily activities
  • High value for money
  • You do not have to vacate the premises

If you have seen any signs of termites in your home or office, call Forensic Pest Control on 1300 360 457. Alternatively, you can contact us though this online form & we will attend to the issue in the most cost-effective manner.