Knowing when you need Termite Control in Coogee

When it comes to any kind of termite inspection & treatment, there is no time to make any mistakes. The speed & ferocity of the termite infestation can sometimes be unbelievable and it takes an expert to inspect the property and complete the treatment in a satisfactory manner.  Forensic Pest Control are the experts in the field and for more than 10 years have been providing the best Termites Control in Coogee to residential and commercial customers.

Expert Pest Control Services

We handle termite control for new as well as existing structures and use the latest detection equipment to locate all the breeding spots and deal with the infestation in a very effective way.  The fact is that termite infestations can spread very fast and they can damage wooden structures, flooring as well as furniture.  This damage is not covered by insurance companies and this means as a property owner you will have to carry out all the repairs by yourself.

Not only do they damage all the wooden elements in the building, but they also harm the foundation of the building which can be very dangerous. But with our years of experience and use of the latest technology, we know exactly how to treat the most severe termite infestations in Coogee.

What You Should Look Out For

But it is very important for property owners to know when to call us. These are the common tell-tale signs of a termite problem:

  • You will find a number of winged insects coming out from the plaster in walls, window architraves or door frame crevices. These are essentially the termite queens that are leaving breed in another location. But it is also an indication that there are nests in your structure as well
  • Damage to wooden furniture, flooring, columns, beams or staircases. In most instances, you will notice termite trails on wooden surfaces
  • Coogee termites will also attack any boxes or storage material that has cellulose in it
  • If you notice any dirt/mud in between the skirtings or door jambs, this is an indication of a termite infestation and it’s time to call for Coogee Termites Control.

Termites live in large colonies and they also breed and move from one place to another, within a structure, very quickly. This makes it crucial for you to call in experts for termite control without delay.

Why opt for our services?

  • Timber floor specialists
  • 100%  guaranteed termite treatment
  • Environment-friendly and non-hazardous treatment used
  • Professional services
  • No disruption of your daily schedule
  • No need to vacate the premises
  • Highly-experienced staff
  • High value for money

If you have noticed any signs of termites in your house/ office simply call Forensic Pest Control on 1300 360 457 or contact us thorough this online form and we will attend to the issue and provide customized solutions and the most effective services.