Excellent Termite Control

Termites, are also known as white ants and these pests are extremely tough to detect. They are minuscule and most property owners do not notice the infestation till the time some of the hardwood flooring or furniture begins to crumble. These pests are extremely destructive and  unfortunately a number of homes in Bondi get infected with them. Not only do they cause damage to wooden furniture, but also cause extensive damage to entire structures.

Therefore it is crucial that you call in Forensic Pest Control for Termites Control in Bondi, the minute you notice any signs of  infestation. We will ensure that these pests are eradicated from your property and that they do not return.  It’s also important to note that most insurance companies in Australia do not provide a cover for Termite damage.

Best Termite Control in Bondi

Regardless of how small the infestation is , it should not be taken lightly as they can cause irreparable damage to structures and furniture alike.  It is crucial to get Termite Control done if you want to make sure that your property is well-protected. Repairing the damage that is caused by termites can be very expensive and it can reduce the value of your property too. Some people feel that concrete and iron structures are not vulnerable to termite attacks, but termites can also breed in the nooks and crevices of brick and mortar structures and will eventually attack the furniture as well.

The Methodical Approach

But with us handling Termite Control for you, you have nothing to worry about. We have the expertise, experience and knowledge to deal with termite infestations and any other pest infestation. We also follow a very methodical approach towards termite control:

  • Inspection– The latest testing equipments such as  moisture meters, sounding equipment, bore-scopes, infra-red cameras & microwave technology is used to locate termites. If they exist on your property, we will find them.
  • Treatment– Once the termites have been found, we provide the most-effective solution for tacking this menace.  We always provide customized solutions for  termite control and this will depend on how severe the infestation is, where it is located and how far it has spread.
  • Monitor– Once all the termites have been exterminated, we them follow a systematic &  complete termite control program. This makes sure that all the further damage is stopped & that the nests as well as breeding activity are fully-contained.

Why Choose us?

We have more than 10 years of experience in this field & provide expert termite control in Bondi and are your best choice as we provide:

  • Services which meet Australian Health Department’s regulatory standards
  • Very highly-skilled personnel
  • Latest detection technologies are used
  • Only non-toxic & environmentally-friendly products used
  • All our termite-inspection specialists are fully-accredited
  • Least amount of disruption in your home/workplace
  • Very methodical and clean working process

If you have found any termites in your house/ commercial property, just call Forensic Pest Control on 1300 360 457 or contact us via this online form and we will handle the work in a very skilled and efficient manner.