Take a Look at Why Pest Control Is an Essential Service

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Every homeowner will have dealt with different types of pests in their home at some time or the other. While some pests aren’t really harmful, there are others that can spread diseases and cause damage to your property. Regardless of the type of pest infestation, you are dealing with; you would want to get rid of the pests from your home as soon as possible.

The right kind of preventive pest control treatments from a company like Forensic Pest Control, can reduce/eliminate all types of infestations from your property. Here we take a look at the different types of pests and the damage or nuisance they can cause on your property:

Pesky pests

Some of the common pesky pests include:

  • Most spiders (apart from poisonous species of spiders)
  • Stink bugs (these can be a significant nuisance!)
  • Earwigs (these pests don’t really get into your ears at all)

Harmful Pests

Some of the common harmful pests include:

  • Cockroaches – These contaminate food as well as spread diseases. They find shelter in secluded and unfrequented areas as well as behind walls and cabinets during the day and will emerge at night to seek out water and food; this is why their presence goes largely unnoticed until their population grows significantly.
  • Rats & mice – These pests cause a considerable amount of damage by their nesting & gnawing; and their droppings & urine can spread disease. They breed very rapidly which quickly increases the potential for disease and damage.
  • Bedbugs – These pests are now posing a major threat to Australia and the rest of the world. The tiny creatures are hardy and live and breed in mattresses as well as upholstered furniture etc. They feed on the blood of humans and their bite can cause allergies in sensitive people.
  • Mosquitoes & ticks – Both these species of insects cause irritation, and when they feed on our blood, they can potentially be transmitting diseases directly back into the human systems.
  • House flies – While house flies are definitely a nuisance, they can also spread diseases such as E-coli, Salmonella, Shigella, and Vibrio when they settle on food or areas where food is being prepared.
  • Termites – These are some of the most dreaded pests and cause extensive damage to the wooden features in a structure. They are silent and elusive creatures; most people notice their presence only after the termite populations have reached enormous proportions and have caused extensive damage as well.
  • Ants – Some species of ants such as fire ants can be quite dangerous; their bites can sometimes kill while smaller ants which get into food can contaminate it and make it unfit for consumption.

As you can see, there are a number of different types of pests that can infest your property and the one way to ensure that your home is well-protected from infestations is to hire the services of a good pest control company like ours for regular and preventive pest control solutions. For all types of pest control solutions, call Forensic Pest Control on -1300 360 457. This online form can be used to send queries.

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