Subterranean Termites – what you need to know

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Subterranean Termites

These destructive little pets you definitely do NOT want in or around your home and thanks to great termite control in Sydney from Forensic Pest Control you can be spared the trauma if you act now. These termites are attracted to areas where there is moisture and must live near the soil or an above ground source to survive. Up to 2 million termites can live in an underground colony, subterranean termites feed on anything that contains wood fiber and cellulose – this can be from cardboard, paper and plant products.

Termites can get into buildings through wood that sits on soil or through cracks or openings in foundations. They can do a lot of damage. If untreated they can collapse a building, thanks to their strong jaw and sheer numbers they can chew through all the wood in a home – although that could take quite a few years!

Since subterranean termites live underground the best way to see if you have a problem is to watch out for mud tubes protruding from hidden areas – wall cervices, sub flooring etc, blistered looking wood, soil in cracks and weak or broken structures can also be a sign of subterranean termites. If you see any signs call Forensic Pest Control today for swift termite control in Sydney.

To get rid of Termites Forensic Pest Control offers a range of termite control in Sydney options including

  • PRE CONTRUCTION TERMITE CONTROL – pre-penetration termite protection, Termseal Ura-fen shield under slab and perimeter barrier, Termseal multipurpose active coating, termite chemical barrier, and  Termite reticulation system.
  • POST – CONSTRUCTION TERMITE CONTROL – Termidor Termite Dust, Termite chemical barriers, termite baiting/monitoring systems,  and termite reticulation system.

You can prevent termites and this should be a priority whether building or buying talk to the team at Forensic Pest Control today to discuss any and all termite control issues in Sydney. The team offer subterranean termite control services in Tennyson Point, Gladesville, Hunters Hill, Randwick, West Ryde, Surry Hills, Alexandria, Newtown, Ryde and Sutherland.

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