Stopping termite destruction

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Unfortunately whether you have moved into a brand new home or an established home if you live in a known termite area – your house could be attacked by termites. Because their attack is or could be quite subtle you can be unaware that anything is happening until it is too late. Termite control in Sydney is one way you can deal with the issue and is one pest control service you should consider. Thankfully these days there are a few ways you can control termites in Sydney by using pest control services from Forensic Pest Control.

As a home owner it’s a good idea to start a termite management plan as soon as you move into your new home – arrange a termite control Sydney pest inspection from Forensic Pest Control. Where possible it’s a good idea to have a termite inspection carried out at least once a year – this is to help you avoid a termite infestation. If you are having a new home built ensure all the materials used in construction are termite proof. It is also very important to know that termites in general will follow a food source – this is an interest in damp and soft wood – if there is none in your area – they won’t be interested in looking to your home for food.

Don’t store wood under your house, don’t use wooden sleepers as garden beds (unless treated) that are close to your home, and try and keep areas free from damp and moisture. Forensic Pest Control can offer tips and advice on any areas in and around your home that may be of interest to termites.

While do it yourself termite control in Sydney is good, it is also important to call in licensed and professional pest control technicians from Forensic Pest Control – they have all the tools and techniques for effective termite control in Sydney and they can provide termite treatments in those hard to reach places.

Forensic Pest Control come to you on time every time, with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, if the problem comes back within the specified period – so do we.

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