Stop pests in their tracks with Pest Control

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Pests are masters of mutation, contamination and population explosions. They can create serious issues in the home no matter how careful you are to dispose of rubbish and keep food out of the kitchen. Pest control in your Lane Cove home can help you achieve hygienic conditions again with our team of professional experts.

It’s not only hygiene that suffers from an invasion. Young children are especially at risk of developing skin problems due to bites – or worse, infections. Proper pest bug control is required to overcome nocturnal attacks upon the skin.

Forensic Pest Control is a leading provider of pest control information in the Lane Cove area. We possess a dedicated team of subject matter experts and technicians who understand how each type of insect works. We publish information to the public on how to keep tight bird, bed bug, mite, cockroach, and termite control mechanisms in place. However, when self-management becomes too much, we can assist you in complete eradication of the nasty guests inhabiting your home.

Our convenient scheduling options will cater for your business schedule in order to protect your home and drive out a particularly nasty infestation. Pests often work in teams to achieve cohesive colonies with roots deep in walls and foundations. Professional control will include the use of a maintenance plan and pesticides to flush termite colonies out from these places. Leaving a handful of nasties behind after extermination means that the insects can repopulate and recolonise in your Lane Cove home. That’s why you need us to do the job for you.

We possess a customer reputation for the most rigorous pest inspections and exterminations. As such, we have built a firm brand over the years which can help save your home.

To defend against your home and contents with pest control in Lane Cove, contact us today.


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