Stay OH&S compliant with smart pest control solutions

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Pest colonies are not just a nuisance. They impair OH&S standards, deter customers and create health hazards through contamination. It is important to implement a proper pest management strategy to ensure your business and liability is protected when it comes to controlling pests in Sydney.

Forensic Pest Control operates a licensed team who can help you stop pests impeding your Sydney investment. Using nontoxic and environmentally friendly products, we can ensure you a biodegradable and powerful solution to controlling any pest situation.

New types of pests mutate quickly across city localities. Collections of unsolicited pests are overwhelming inner cities, and due to a reasonably warm temperate climate Sydney is prone to silverfish, meal moths, ants, carpet beetles, cockroaches, termite inspection, residential & industrial removals. Even birds can cause widespread destruction as they nest and outbreed their localised climates and work their way indoors through the roof.

Let Forensic Pest Control eliminate the risk of contamination to you and your staff members through droppings, digestion and breeding of these pests. Our business can enable you to get back on track with a pest free work enviroment with industrial pesticide solutions and a team of forensic pest experts.

Maintaining professional maintenance plans for all our clients, Forensic pest control adopts a confidential 24/7 service for your convenience. As a leading provider of pest control solutions in the Sydney metropolitan, we focus on a customer-oriented approach and doing a thorough job. Check out what our customers have said about us in the past.

Our business is run on efficiency and a solid plan of attack to deal with colony infestations, or general pest control maintenance. We publish upcoming information and emergency endemics on our blog, and if you have any questions you are welcome to call us  or view our FAQ or tips page.  Pest control assistance in Sydney is just a phone call away.

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