Some Steps to Follow to Reduce the Risk of Termites on Your Property

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Termites are a major risk to any property and they cause a lot of damage to the wooden structures in your house. Since they are very silent creatures that eat into the timber from within, the damage they cause isn’t noticeable till the features are very badly damaged.

Because termite damage isn’t covered by insurance, fixing it can prove to be a very expensive proposition for homeowners. We at Forensic Pest Control always recommend that property owners take some preventive measures to reduce the risk of a termite infestation in their homes.

  1. Foundation slab at the right level

Termites live and breed underground; so if the slab of your house is almost at or a little below the soil surrounding it, the risk of being attacked by termites is much higher. If you have gardens, paths or paver stones installed in the outdoor spaces that are above your house’s slab level that too can pose a problem. When you are getting a new home built, you should keep these aspects in view. If you live in a home in which these conditions exist, try to see how you can keep the soil a distance away from the foundation.

Most people believe that only timber structures are prone to termite attacks. But the fact is that if a building’s slab is even a little above the ground level, it becomes easier to detect termite activity. But if the slabs exterior is covered with soil, it’s not possible to identify if termites have crawled across the concrete and found their way into your home.

  1. Regular maintenance checks

When any maintenance is being carried out in your home, make it a point to check all the pipes and drainage regularly. Termites are attracted to moisture and so if the plumbing systems in your home are poorly maintained, termites will make a beeline for your property and build colonies there. Ensure there is no leakage in any of the plumbing installations and get regular checks done as well. It’s also important to ensure that the subfloor area is properly ventilated.

Termite inspections

Get visual termite inspections done on your property at least once or twice a year. We at Forensic Pest control provide excellent termite inspection services to both residential and commercial customers. In case any potential infestation is detected you will be immediately informed about it and we will also provide solutions to treat the problem and stem the spread of the infestation.

If you find there is a termite infestation your property, do not delay in calling us. We provide excellent regular and preventive pest control solutions. For all types of pest control solutions, call Forensic Pest Control on -1300 360 457. This online form can be used to send queries and we will revert within the shortest possible time.

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