Should Wasp Control Be a DIY Activity?

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Wasps are bee-like insects, but far more dangerous, because they don’t sting just once- they sting multiple times and pose quite a serious threat especially to kids and pets. Wasps tend to build their nests in small ceiling spaces as well as minute cracks and they impact food hygiene too. If accidently ingested, these pests can be fatal.

Wasps are able to sting when they are inside your system, causing internal injuries that result in asphyxiation. We at Forensic Pest Control have handled a large number of wasp removal jobs for both commercial and residential clients. We have great expertise in eliminating these insects and their breeding ground- their nests.


Custom wasp removal services Sydney

The summer months are when wasps are seen in larger numbers. Food sources are easily available and the breeding conditions are just right and it isn’t uncommon to see wasps flying around in the outdoor areas of your property. Finding and eliminating the nest was the only way the situation can be controlled. These pests are dangerous and can be quite the nuisance. There are a number of ways in which you may run into wasps in various areas of your home and its outdoor spaces.

Wasps  in indoor spaces

If these pests have built their nest in roof voids or house walls, you’re most likely to encounter them when they are heading back to their nests. Gaps and holes in the structure or near windows and doors become the entry points for lost/stray wasps. This is why wasps loiter around in various outdoor living areas making removal unsafe for you and your family.

Wasps in outdoor spaces

Outdoor walls, retaining walls, trees gardens as other areas of your property are very likely to host wasps and that is where they end up building nests. This makes your outdoor living areas extremely dangerous because there is a very high risk of running into wasp or even the entire nest. This situation is extremely unsafe for kids and pets as they tend to frolic around in the yard more often. They are also very curious and more inclined to reach out and touch these nests, getting stung in the bargain.

Call pest control experts

It’s a good idea to keep a lookout for areas where wasps fly; that may lead you to their nest; these look like paper mache and are grey in colour. If you notice a very large number of wasps gathering along the outside of your windows, it’s best to call us to inspect the area. We handle this job expertly, providing guarantees for our services. If you suspect there is a wasp infestation on your property, it’s best not to turn it into a DIY activity.

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