Should I use a cockroach bomb?

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The Sydney pest control team at Forensic Pest Control really do NOT recommend you use *cockroach bombs* in your home – or at your place of business. Unfortunately for a lot of people they figure that a cockroach bomb is the cheapest way to perform Sydney pest control – sadly it’s not.

As with most things – when you try to cut corners, to find a *cheaper option* there are risks and just because you see these products on the shelf at the supermarkets it doesn’t automatically mean they are 100% safe to use. While we understand people like to use a surface spray  – although when compared with the long lasting results professional Sydney pest control from Forensic Pest Control provides, it is a waste of money – cockroach bombs are a whole different *ball game*

Take a moment to consider this, what are you really doing when you use a cockroach bomb?

Picture it

You get someone in to spray for cockroaches, they have now started spraying all over your walls, ceilings, curtains, floor, rugs, furniture, plates, cups, cooking utensils, dishes, TV, computer,  bedding, towels etc…. There isn’t a surface or item that HASN’T been sprayed – but its fine they say – don’t worry, when it all dries it will be good.

How would you feel??? Knowing that every item in your room has just been sprayed…… What would you be thinking???? – It’s okay once I wipe over everything and mop all the floors it will be fine…. The Sydney pest control technicians from Forensic Pest Control have no intention of living with pesticide residue – and neither should you!

This is what a cockroach bomb does!

There is another lesser known risk – exposure to naked flames – like a pilot light – can cause an explosion. Always be aware of the risks!

With professional Sydney pest control from Forensic Pest Control you get –

  • Professionals who only place products where cockroaches breed and live
  • They place products away so you and your family or pets can’t touch them
  • They treat the areas that are away from day-to-day contact

Don’t run the risk of spreading pesticides where they don’t need to go.

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