Rodent Infestations Are Worse In Winter

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Rodent control

As we head into winter the rats will be calling. In the warmer and summer months they quite happily live in their holes outside, but in winter they come looking for warmth and sadly that’s often inside your home. Unfortunately you may not even be aware that they have set up a home inside yours until you start seeing the little *calling cards* left behind. Rodent control in Sydney doesn’t have to be a big issue – thanks to Forensic Pest Control.

Rats and mice enter you home in winter as during summer they have plenty of food and a nice warm place to live, but in winter they look to your home for food and warmth. When you find rodent dropping s (they will usually be found around the edges of your walls as rats and mice scurry along wall edges for cover, and there are usually more items of furniture etc to hide behind) you will know they are living in your house. If they see you they are quick to run out of sight – in general they aren’t stupid!

Droppings of cockroaches are smaller and usually can be found inside cupboards, while rats leave larger droppings. When you see the droppings of rodents – don’t ignore them, adult rodents will start making a family and before long you’ll hear babies scurrying about and find more droppings everywhere. When these families get big enough, you’ll hear them inside your walls and they’ll keep you awake at night.

Forensic Pest Control can help you deal with rodent control in Sydney. You can try placing store bought baits around your home they come in 2 basic forms, pellets or a block. If using baits be mindful of children and pets and ensure baits are placed where little fingers and paws can’t reach. Remember that rodents can be *shy* about new things and it can takes days or even weeks before they will touch a bait.

Traps are another way to control a rat or mouse infestation. You will need to know where and how to place/introduce a trap if you want to effectively trap rodents. If you have a rat control issue in Sydney call Forensic Pest Control for effective rodent control in Sydney.

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