Rats (part 2)

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Last week the Sydney pest control team from Forensic Pest Control looked at the risks to your home and business of having a rat problem, today we discuss what you need to look out for, and how to deal with a rat problem.

What you need to look out for – these are the signs you have a rat problem

  • If you see any rat droppings in and around your building
  • Any scuffling or scratching noises in your ceiling
  • Run tracks or rub marks – these are usually seen as dark greasy marks – along walls or down pipes
  • If you see rats running around the area or find rat nests particularly in boxes or anywhere you store materials
  • Damaged food packets in the pantry or damaged stock in warehouses – signs of gnawing. You may also see damage to skirting board areas cardboard or paper products being chewed or electrical wires and cables being stripped of their insulation
  • If your dog or cat is acting strangely – such as a lot of barking in the one area they might be trying to tell you something.

If you have any of these signs it’s time to call the Sydney pest control experts at Forensic Pest Control!

Dealing with a rat problem is a two pronged attack – professional pest control and there are ways you can help reduce the risks around your home and business.

  • Reduce the amount of shelter and food available – remove rubbish and debris around the building. Use rubbish bins that have well fitting lids, clean up any food spills, fix any leaking pipes or taps. Don’t leave pet food lying around. Keeping your home or business free from rubbish will help minimise the chance of a rat infestation.

Rat proof your building – seal up any holes you find with small gauge mesh and seal the bottom of doors with weather seals. A rat can get into your home or business through a 12 mm hole and a mouse only needs a 6 mm gap.

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