Rats or mice? Call in the professionals (part 2)

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Rodents are hard for a homeowner to control, they are persistent when it comes to invading your home but Forensic Pest Control knows exactly how to deal with them.

The House Mouse 

Is the most common animal on earth, originally native to central Asia the mouse arrived with the first European settlers and is found Australia wide.

  • The mouse has a life-span of 9 – 18 months
  • The adult mouse has a small slender body and weighs about 20 grams
  • Commonly they have light brown to grey or black fur with white or buff coloured fur underneath
  • They have large ears, small protruding black eyes a long tapered tail and a slightly pointed nose.

The house mouse is very adaptable and this is why rat control in Sydney from Forensic Pest Control is so important. Mice can jump, climb, run and swim and can jump as high as 12 inches, they have excellent senses of taste, smell and touch and while they have poor eyesight they have great peripheral vision which allows them to detect movement.

Mice will nest in rubbish, weeds, cracks in rocks and walls and can construct tunnels under the ground with chambers for storage and nests. Mice are curious and will enter a small crack or hole and if they like what they find inside – you’ll have a mouse problem. Rats and mice like to nest near food and will travel up to 15 meters from their nest to explore their surroundings.

A mouse family includes a male, several females and their young

  • A female mouse can breed at 40-45 days of age
  • Female mice can have 12 or more litters a year
  • Gestation is only 18 days and a litter is generally 5-6 pups

Rat and mice populations can grow in no time and this is why rat control in Sydney is important, call Forensic Pest Control today – if you see one mouse, chances are there are many more you can’t see.

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