Professional termite control

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Termites live on wood and wood products and most homeowners don’t even know these bugs have taken up residence and are feasting on their home until it is too late. Worldwide these pests damage millions of new and old homes every year, so it is important that you have professional termite control inspections in Sydney carried out BEFORE they infest your home. Remember too, the bigger the colony, the bigger the damage.

Having Forensic Pest Control come to your home once a year can be a safe and effective way to inspect for termites. The exterminator will make a thorough inspection of your home and check all the places where a termite infestation would most likely be. If you have any *issues* or think there is a problem call Forensic Pest Control as soon as possible – don’t wait for your yearly visit.

Controlling the moisture in and around your home is one of the best ways to deter termites – it’s those warm and damp places that are a perfect breeding environment. Depending on the design of your home special vents and barriers can be set up that will make your home unbearable for termites to set up a colony so you can be virtually termite free.

Did you know this can help save on your energy bills. Termites eat wood and wood based materials and as they can eat through your floors, walls and ceilings you may find small cracks and this is where your heating and cooling escapes, this in turn can lead to a more expensive energy bill. A termite control Sydney professional from Forensic Pest Control is fully licensed and skilled to deal with your termite threat or problem effectively. The team is available to help you, simply contact us today to find out more. Our treatments are non toxic and environmentally friendly with fully accredited technicians – never settle for mediocre pest control.

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