Professional termite control

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It’s very rare to see termites *tracking* or walking across the ground, especially without the mud tracks as termites tend to travel underground – this means you don’t *see* them until they have actually entered your home. Unfortunately termites can travel up to 50 meters from their nesting locations which mean they can attack your house while having a nest next door – in your neighbour’s property.

Termites travel in tunnels in the soil looking for water and food sources, you may find a small tunnel of mud on the wall of your house or on timber fence posts or on posts that support decks etc. Termites use these tunnels for protection when they leave the safety of their underground tunnels.

When termites are not in tunnels they are vulnerable to attack.

Termite pest control in Sydney from Forensic Pest Control is your best defense when it comes to protecting your home from a termite attack. The termite’s biggest enemy is actually the common ant! If ants can get into a termite tunnel they will literally pick up the termites and walk off with them for dinner. It is for this reason termite tunnels are their defense. If a tunnel is attacked they will abandon the area to ensure the colony remains safe.

This is why it’s very important that, if you do find traces of termites you call Forensic Pest Control immediately – termite pest control in Sydney is important and Forensic Pest Control have the treatment that has been designed to travel with the termites all the way back to the nest. Forensic Pest Control use non toxic and environmentally friendly treatments that are safe for you and your family and pets, but lethal to termites.

Termite control in Sydney by Forensic Pest Control can be done wherever termites are found – in garden edging, fences, retaining walls, dead tree stumps or mature trees. Sometimes Termites can even be found in wooden crates and inside furniture.

If you find termites – don’t wait, call Forensic Pest Control today – you never know when a termite nest will work its way into your home.

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