Professional Rat Control

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You need rodent control Sydney to get rid of unwanted pests in your home, especially rats and mice, Forensic Pest Control will help you get rid of these pests efficiently and quickly – which means less chance of damage to your home and less chances of any nasty diseases being spread. There are many good reasons why rodent control Sydney is important – especially if you have an infestation.

Having pests – no matter what they are is unhygienic – rats and mice bring germs into your home as they carry a wide range of diseases – some can leave you seriously ill.  You need to keep your home and yard clean, free from rubbish and especially free from food scraps and waste.

If you are running a business then it is extremely important that you get rid of any and all rats and mice as it can be bad for your business. Imagine a client seeing a rat or mouse running across the floor and if you run a restaurant, cafe or take away it could mean your business is shut down by the health and safety inspectors. Whether it’s at home or at your place of work having rats or mice create a smell which is very unpleasant to live with and quite distracting when you’re trying to deal with the problem. With rodent control Sydney you can eradicate the problem, though you will still have to deal with the mess of droppings and the smell of urine.

Rats and mice also reproduce – quite rapidly – so while you may only have a few small mice or rats this will soon double triple and be out of control in no time – you are now dealing with more smell from more droppings and urine – this in turn can attract flies and maggots that can be attracted by the smell. They can also damage your property – rats can actually chew through wall insulation and cables.

Rats and mice can also be noisy running around the walls or ceiling chewing, scurrying about, squeaking and fighting making it hard for you to sleep.

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