Professional pest control for bed bugs

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Do you have bed bugs? If you do you need to call professional pest control in Sydney – you’d be foolish NOT to. If you try and treat bed bugs yourself and you don’t treat the infestation properly it can make you, and your family and pets sick, in some instances it may even make your room unsafe to be in and still may not solve the bed bug problem!

Without a doubt professional pest control in Sydney is the only way to deal with a bed bug issue and Forensic Pest Control can help. In the US homeowners were using their own DIY treatments including the use of pesticide products in their home, with some even dousing their beds, pyjamas and even bathing their children in garden insecticides, the use of harsh chemicals can be very dangerous and all bed bug pest control measures in Sydney should be performed by professionals.

In a nutshell bed bugs aren’t always eradicated by using *home treatments*. These tiny apple seed size bugs are hard to kill and they feed on human blood which is part of their biology and behaviour and at best any do it yourself home treatments may result in simply spreading the problem through the house. These insects have a tough body that’s hard to penetrate and when not feeding they hide in inaccessible places – inside walls, under floorboards, inside electronic devices and in crevices.

Bedbugs and their eggs are easily transported on bedding and clothing which allows the infestation to spread quickly throughout your home and this makes it nearly impossible to remove a bed bug infestation with one pest control treatment. Speak to your pest control technician in Sydney to find out a treatment plan that suits your situation best.

Remember that professional pest control in Sydney is the ONLY way to eliminate bed bugs permanently. Forensic Pest Control is fully licensed with trained and qualified technicians, skilled to deal with any pest control issue in Sydney – including bed bugs.

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