Problems Caused By Pest Birds and Some Solutions

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Did you know that there are many bird species that are capable of causing extensive damage to homes, farms, vehicles, machinery and ventilation systems? Can these little creations of nature really cause such serious damage? Bird droppings and nests are the primary cause of damage amounting to millions of dollars each year. Let us take a look at the ways in which pest birds can pose problems in our daily lives. 


  1. Roof damage 

The acidic and corrosive action of bird droppings that collect on roofs eat away at the roofing material; if left unchecked these can result in leaks in the future. Apart from this, birds tend to build nests in the rain gutters, drains and roof corners where these drains are usually found. This hampers the proper flow of rain water and the water backs-up on the roof; over time, this causes structural damage due to rotting. In many cases stagnant water can serve as a breeding ground for other pests and insects such as mosquitoes.

  1. Blocked chimneys

Bird nests in ventilation systems and chimneys are very hazardous because they block the proper flow of air. Blocked chimneys or ventilation systems can cause carbon monoxide to back up inside the home which can be extremely dangerous.

  1. Fire hazard due to nests

Nests are made of dry, flammable materials such as twigs, dry grass and droppings. In dry weather conditions or when these dry materials come in contact with exposed electrical wiring, they can prove to be a serious fire hazard.

  1. Machinery damage

The corrosive nature of bird droppings can damage industrial machinery, air conditioning ducts, insulation wires and siding material. Aside from the machinery being damaged, workers are exposed to significant health hazards every time they work with on these machines.

  1. Automobile exterior finish damage

Damage to automobile exterior finish; most bird droppings, particularly those of pigeons and gulls, can damage vehicle exterior by eating into the actual paint and the protective coating, which can be expensive to fix.

  1. Health hazard due to bird droppings

Bird droppings and feathers contain human pathogens and disease organisms that are the leading cause of health risks in human beings. There are over 60 communicable diseases associated with birds such as house sparrows, geese, pigeons, crows, seagulls and starling. These diseases include: Candidiasis, Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis, Encephalitis, E.coli and Salmonellosis.

  1. Air quality

Bird droppings and feathers can have harmful effects on both heating a cooling equipment. These affect the air quality of any commercial facility such as factories, warehouses, food facilities and shops. These problems can affect all occupants including maintenance staff, employees and customers as well.

Combating pest bird infestations

Proper precautions, survey and monitoring must be conducted before starting any bird control program. The problem-causing birds must be properly identified as control measures differ from one species to the next. Commonly used control methods include bird control spikes, scare devices and noisemakers, netting, chemical repellents (widely used by fruit growers), lethal methods like shooting (in certain areas).

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