Prevent Termite Attacks with Termite Pest Control Sydney

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Termites are one of the most dangerous insects that can infect your household. They do not cause any immediate health threats. However, once a house is attacked by termites, it is very difficult to restore the damages. They will destroy everything in their path from floorboards, cupboards, books, cloth to furniture. As they say, prevention is better than cure. So the best thing to do is to prevent termites from infesting your household in the first place. Therefore, in order to get Termite Pest Control Sydney, come directly to Forensic Pest Management Services.

Termite Pest Control Methods:

  • Arranging regular termite inspections (once a year in cooler and twice a year in warmer areas)
  • Keep the edges of the house, garden beds and vegetation clear of clutter

Pre-construction termite control methods

  • Installing pipe penetration collars
  • Termseal Ura-Fen Shield Underslab and Perimeter Barrier
  • Termseal Mutipurpose Active Coating
  • Termite Chemical Barrier
  • Termite Reticulation System

Post-construction termite control methods

  • Termidor Termite Dust
  • Termite Chemical Barriers
  • Termite Baiting/ Monitoring Systems
  • Termite Reticulation System

Forensic Pest Management Services covers locations all over Sydney. Therefore wherever you may be located, we will come to your rescue. To get a better understanding of our exceptional Termite Pest Control services in Sydney, you can go through the numerous testimonials of our very satisfied customers. You will then see that we are in fact the best in this business. We take out work very seriously and strive to deliver our customers with a 100% satisfactory service. This is why our clients keep coming to us over and over again throughout the years.

For the most efficient Termite Pest Control Sydney, contact Forensic Pest Management Services on 1300 360 457 or email us at You can even connect with us on Facebook and Google Plus or read our online blog for the latest updates on our services.

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